Insane chirping

This is the new ‘beast’. A Kawasaki H2 SX SE Tourer. I have to say it’s an utter pleasure to ride and insane on accelerating away at any speed in any gear. It’s not ‘quick’. That word is too slow for it. It is more of a ‘launch’ than an acceleration. Advertisements

Bank holiday

It seems such a long time since the weather was warm. Its going to be a scorcher. Its lovely to sit and listen to the birds singing … which seems really loud! Cows moo-ing in the distance. Dogs wandering about the garden …. sipping coffee …. We have done two days of gardening and I […]

Mindfulness Sunshine

It’s a lovely 25 degrees, sat in the hotel garden enjoying, breathing, being and listening to The Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy.  Breathing has become more difficult as a smoker just lit up down wind of me! 

New tyres new crash

A risk management perspective.  It’s easy to blame brand new tyres, the cold weather, new wheel bearIngs, road surface etc. But it in reality it is me the motorcycle rider who has the ultimate job of managing my own risk.  There is a risk bias at work here too.  Over confidence, not having been exposed […]